Marcus Stein

Software Architect1 and Movie Producer

1Senior engineer with degree in Computer Science



Abstract. I have applied new technologies and tools in the field of automotive research, robotics and evolutionary design optimization. Working where the bits meet the metal from embedded devices over workstations to large-scale clusters, in all areas like implementation, database design, usability (UI/UX design), I have defined software quality workflows and solved the problem of multi-platform build orchestration in complex environments with teams of 2-50 people, taught and developed courses at university (long ago now), and published in internationally renowned research journals.

Contact. I am very happy with my current job. Contact me for anything, except job offers.
Threema ID: W6Y72S5T
(+49) (0)160 - 8175772


Different standpoints. No problem to immediately start coding. But think and later evaluate from two or more standpoints. Indeed this takes time but usually leads to the most effective solutions, I hate UML and the like.

Work. I hardly ever "worked" in my life, instead really enjoy and appreciate the given challenges and provide reasonable technical solutions which help others to work faster. I do some of my best thinking in the night, and implement them in the morning (with hardly any coffee).

Movies. Semi-professional video productions since 1992. Experimented with all affordable formats and devices, probably bored many people with bad movies.



I don't use my smartphone while dining. The one and only abuse of alcohol was in The Reactor (~2004).


Proficient in Linux, C/C++/Python, Networking stuff. Thorough knowledge of Qt, ARM, LaTeX, CMake, FPGAs,...


German. Native speaker.
English. Fluent; company language.
Dutch. Passably conversational; actively learning.
French. Basic grasp; learned in school.
Russian. Still can read it; forgot most vocabulary.



Marcus Stein

Wilhelmstr. 87

63071 Offenbach am Main